Salted Coconut Lush Review

Hi guys today I’ll be doing a salted coconut lush review. Hope you enjoy and it’s helpful

So salted coconuts so definitely amazing because of a few things: it smells like childhood holidays (well at least it does to me) also it has the perfect amount of salt in it for the perfect scrub not too much and not too little also it is a really effective scrub because I have had surgery on my hand in the past the skin that covers the stitches gets very thick,dry,hard and This has done wonders for it.… Continue reading...

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Yummy Mummy Lush Review

Hey guys its Adam Gear here, and today I’m going to be writing up my Yummy Mummy Lush Review.


Yummy Mummy is a shower cream that is a limited edition, and is only sold during mother’s day.


Yummy Mummy is made for “Mums who don’t have time for a luxurious bath” but quite honestly, it can be used by everybody – even in the bath!… Continue reading...

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Oral Pleasure Lush Review

Oral Pleasure Lush Review. Before we continue, these are toothy tabs, like toothpaste. Such dirty minds…

Toothy tabs were created by Lush to create less of an environmental impactful product, as most toothpaste is contained in a harmful plastic tube.


This is how Lush describes their toothy tabs:

Who says toothpaste needs to be a paste at all?

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