About me.


It was over 2 years ago since I started my own online website, titled AdamGearLife. It took me a while, but after some perseverance, I had perfected my website. One and a half years after the site’s creation, my blog had garnered over 10 000 views. While I was still writing on the site I had achieved many things:

  • I had written an accumulative 30000 words.
  • I could create basic graphic design.
  • I picked up a few jobs and I helped people with their social media.
  • And finally, I learned how to create  websites.

After my experience I decided that I would start designing websites

On top of my experience working, and being a reliable employee, I’ve already created 3, complete, functioning websites. I’ve created this one, helped Sarah at http://www.shiftyourenergy.co.za/, and Jo, at http://per4m.co.za/.

If you’re interested don’t be shy to contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you!