angsty teens read books i wrote when i was 9.



Hey everyone!


So if you’ve seen my youtube video, you’ll know that I read a whole bunch of books In wrote when I was 9.


However, I wasn’t able to put the whole 4 books into the video, so I decided, I’d write them down here for you!


Also, if your wondering, I’m not editing any spelling from the books.


Kyle: The beginers index

Sub 1 Quick and easy

if you love the name Kyle you’ve got to Have a Quick way of doing so I’m going to find a way

kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle kyle


so I’ve found out the easyest way to right Kyle is a little like hyk but you do it like this:


Sub 2

What to name

I’ve named many things Kyle hear are some of the things I’ve named

6 March 2013

a bouncy ball

a purple ficgure

2x sugar straws

Note: The best thing to name kyle is something Random like a food, a figurine you have not used ANYTHING

Sub 3

Who’s Kyle?

I’ve just put down a note… WHAT DOES A NOTE HAVE TO DO WITH KYLE… Nothing and in the end is I’m going to write a book about a name in the book there has to be to be somebody called kyle so I’ve made a “person” hoows going to “read” the Notes

*Insert image with a picture of kyle*

This guy is going to “read” the Notes and other stuff. If Kyle’s Eyes are pink the pink piece of paper is a Note. But if Kyle’s Eyes are blue then He is saying a joke or something else.

Kyle: Thanks for creating me!


Sub 4 



?: Mr Flamingo lives in a Ladybug where His blue Feathers Dance at the enjent AZTEC God Hector

Sub 5

What Does it Mean?

What does Kyle mean?

if I’m writing a book I’ve got to Know What kyle means: it means Straight or Narrow Who would Have thought My fav name means narrow!!!

Kyle: WHAT My Name Means Narrow


Sub 6

About the Authers

Adam was born at the age of 0 and wrote this cizalized Book

Kyle: Kyle was created while Adam was eating a piece of cheese and did NOT write this book

Thank you all you are such good reads and adunce that is if you liked My book.

Alright guys, that was book 1 out of 4.

These are actually quite a lot of work to write out, so I’ll do one everyday, until we get to 4.





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