Layered Cake Lush Review

Layered cake lush review.

The sweetest, juiciest rainbow you’ll ever feel, this multicoloured soap contains five real fruit juices. Which one will be your favourite? It could be raspberry, blueberry, orange, white grape or pineapple… or maybe just all of them at once. Feel fruity in the shower or bath as you cleanse with the sweet, uplifting scent of orange oil. It’s sure to satisfy all your fruit cravings.


Hey guys, today I’m going to be reviewing Lush’s Layered Cake Soap. So let’s just go to the pro’s and cons immediately, here we go.


  • This soap looks like a magical rainbow slice:)
  • And it smells a tiny bit like jelly babies
  • When you put it onto  a sponge or facecloth it goes luminous
  • Washing your skin with it quite nice but not amazing.
  • It’s made with real fruit juices: pineapple ,grape,Brazilian orange.


  • Its scent isn’t very strong
  • Even worse when water touches its smell literally disappears,COMPLETELY
    It dries your skin out a little bit.


All in all, I must say that I don’t really think this is lush’s best shot, and I don’t really enjoy this soap that much. I feel like it’s still good enough, but I feel that with Lush’s huge range of soaps you have a lot of better options.

Hope you enjoyed,


Layered Cake lush review

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