Yummy Mummy Lush Review

Hey guys its Adam Gear here, and today I’m going to be writing up my Yummy Mummy Lush Review.


Yummy Mummy is a shower cream that is a limited edition, and is only sold during mother’s day.


Yummy Mummy is made for “Mums who don’t have time for a luxurious bath” but quite honestly, it can be used by everybody – even in the bath!


Lush’s Yummy Mummy description:


The mother of all shower creams. Packed full of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and tonka absolute, to feel absolutely blissful in the shower.

-Description on on bottle.


When people ask my what Yummy Mummy smells like, I have one answer. “The way Manhattan Sweet’s Purple Jellybeans taste.” Oddly specific I know, however, I feel like that gives the most perfect idea. I must personally say that usually it takes me sometime to really learn to love a lush scent, but this one required no second thought.


I would absolutely buy this product again, and I’m really looking forward to Mother’s Day coming around again so I canĀ stock up.


This product smells gorgeous on the skin, and lathered extremely well.


As for the cons, well there really wasn’t any!


I would give this product an easy 5 out of 5. It checked all the boxes for me and I would definitely consider it an essential.


What is your favorite limited edition Lush product?





Yummy Mummy lush review

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