Daddy-O Lush Review.

Hey guys, its Adam here and today I’m going to be doing a Daddy-O Lush review.


Daddy-O is a shampoo made by lush, for blondes in mind. In the words of lush:


Violet scented shampoo for shine and brightness, recommended for grey and blonde hair. Mark Constantine is a top trichologist; he’s been making hair products with natural ingredients since his hair was brown. Now that his plentiful locks are a distinguished grey, he decided to award himself his very own shampoo and share it with everyone with grey or blonde hair. Daddyo has fresh lemons and lime juice to make your hair shiny.



Daddy-O smells like a fine blend of violet and lemon. A lot of people have said that they fell in love with the scent instantly, however, I can’t say the same. When I first started exploring Lush, this shampoo was the first product that caught my eye, however, when I went into the store, I was repulsed by the scent, but then I came back again, just to make sure I hated it. I came back again, and again, and, again. And then one day I took the leap of faith and I’ve been in love with scent ever since.


As for the actual product, I really felt like this product has been beneficial for my blonde hair. A lot of people have been saying that they’ve noticed my hair look more orange, (?) since I started using the product, but I don’t really have a problem with that. The criteria for this shampoo to maintain my hair’s shininess and lightness, and I think it achieved that.


Would I buy this product again? Absolutely. However, I still want to try out a few more shampoos in Lush before I go back to this one, as I wasn’t blown away.


I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5. Quite frankly it checked all of the boxes for me, but I never feel excited when I put it on.


What shampoo do you use? Did you enjoy my Daddy-O lush review?





Daddy-O lush review

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