January 2016 is over!

January 2016 is over


Hey guys!


Can you believe it, we are all already one month into 2016!


So much has happened in the first month of this year. Ive already gotten used to the whole self hosted format which I’m loving, and I really feel like the graphics for my blog posts have improved, and they now kind of have a design to them!… Continue reading...

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Proof that Nicole Arbour abused Matthew Santoro, and the one video everybody missed: Dear Matt

Nicole Arbour abused Matthew Santoro, but she slashed back, saying that she didn’t do anything, and that Matt had made the video as a click-bait.

Nicole Arbour abused Matthew Santoro



This is actually very interesting, because I have posted a similar post to this about when Nicole published a video fat shaming, (Find my opinion in a blog post about this here)


Anyway, a couple of days ago, Matthew Santoro, a YouTuber known for his top ten countdowns, postsed a kind of out of place video, about him talking about his abusive relationship with “someone” obviously Nicole because they had been dating at the time.… Continue reading...

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