What you need to add to your Pinterest strategy.

Tips for you Pinterest Social Media Marketing Strategy
Pinterest is an incredibly powerful social media platform:

Since launching in 2012, Pinterest has achieved all of the above and more. It surpassed 10 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. It outstripped the traffic of Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, and it is now capable of driving more referral traffic than Twitter. As of September, Pinterest became the 2nd highest referrer of traffic to websites (second only to Facebook). Got your attention yet?

Quote from blog, Amy Porter Field


Most bloggers swear by Pinterest, and they claim it is the site they get their most traffic from. This is why it’s important to have a good Pinterest social media strategy.

A good Pinterest strategy includes:

  • Instead of monthly boards, instead create boards that follow themes. (e.g onefashion board, one meme board etc.) This way, someone who is only interested in memes can follow your pinterest without being clogged with fashion.


  • Be sure that each and every blog post you post contains a header image, with the name of the post and your sites URL. You can do this on Photoshop, but sites like Canva do a great job too. This can be posted on Pinterest, and can be linked up to the Birdlife site. E.g:

How to rock at_

  • All header images should be portrait, and should be pretty long, that way, the image is significantly bigger on Pinterest, which leads to more interaction.


  • Be sure to pin pictures from your blog, that way, if someone is interested in your post, they can click on the pin, and be directed straight to your blog post. (Tutorial on how to do this here.)


  • Be sure that your Pinterest account is a business account, this way you’ll have access to Pinterest Analytics, and you’ll be able to be branded as a business. (Tutorial on how to do this here.)


  • Finally, be sure to use keywords in your image description. Keywords are what control Pinterest search engines. (NB hash tags and non hash tag words have equal rankings on Pinterest.)


  • The average blogger should pin 10 to 30 images a day


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