List of teen bloggers.

Hey guys, this is probably more of a reference list for myself, and will probably be continually edited, but I wanted to make a long list of teen bloggers I occasionally like to of a quick read of. So without further ado, I present to you:

List of teen bloggers:

Nearly a princess – Hatsy

South Kakalaki Girl – Amanda and Rachel

Hello Bubblegum – Brittany

MannaFest – Brianna

India Kitty – India

A drop of serendipity – Abbie

Utterly Brooke Lea – Brooke

Mini and Me – Maya

Much Lucy – Lucy

Asha for the world – Asha

Vanilla Highlights – Mel

The teentrepreneur – Sophie

What Lexie Loves – Lexie

Randomly Reagan – Reagan

The blank diary – Talia

A light in the darkness – Gracie

A little bit of sunshine – Noor

Jillian’s books – Jillian

On the other side of reality – Ellie


If you want to be added, just tell me 🙂




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Copycat peanut butter bomb smoothie Kauai.

Hey guys!


Recently, my family has been receiving a lot of free smoothies due to them joining an insurance company that gives you a free smoothie if you do enough exercise over the course of that week.

So as you can imagine, my family has been having a lot of free smoothies from Kauai (rhymes with Hawaii)

Recently one of the smoothies I tried from them was the “Peanut Butter Bomb” and can I just tell you, I became obsessed.… Continue reading...

What flower crowns mean to me.

If you don’t already know that flower crowns are my preferred head wear, you haven’t been here long enough. I love my flower crown, and from the shell of my blog, you must think its just something I wear. And that’s what my original intentions when I wore my first flower crown 6 months ago, but things have changed, and now not only is my flower crown a fashion statement, but its also a symbol.… Continue reading...